Know Your Impact

Our team of experts have designed a powerful tool that helps you, your brand managers and advertisers measure the impact of your OOH advertising campaigns with precision. By using the multiple algorithms created by our team, you can accurately calculate your ROI and watch it grow as you implement our efficient, analytics-integrated branding solutions.

Some of the areas that we provide clear information about are:





Total Audience

This refers to the number of individuals who have visited malls and viewed your SDM advertisements, as detected by our Nodes.

Campaign Reach

This indicates the number of individuals detected by our Nodes who were within the zones that display your SDM advertisements.

Average Number of Visits

This is the average number of visits by unique (or distinct) individuals who saw your advertisements inside the malls.

Unique Audience

This indicates the number of unique individuals who have seen your advertisement.


This is the average number of your advertisements that each individual has seen.

Guaranteed Minimum Ad Viewed

This is the minimum guaranteed number of your advertisements that were viewed by a unique audience within the SDM’s radius. This number is based on 1 view per zone at a time.