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Established in January 2017, we are one of the foremost OOH advertising media experts in Saudi Arabia. If your goal is to impact your chosen audience or demographic by using contextual and customised marketing tools that will get the right message across at the right location and the right time, we’re your perfect partners. With an arsenal of the most innovative and effective media tools at your disposal, we can not only help you build impactful campaigns but also monitor, track and maximise ROI for each advertisement. With Wave Media, you can create a wave of difference!

Why Partner with Us

With our undying passion for the latest in technology and innovation, Wave Media gives you access to state-of-the-art digital advertising tools, advanced research and development expertise, and unbeatable market knowledge. Not only do we help you build the most effective campaigns, we also help you monitor, track and maximise ROI for each advertisement. From smart digital MUPIs to digital zones and mega screens, from in-mall branding and promotional stands to displays in the most sought-after locations, we guarantee targeted media solutions tailor-made to take your brands and products to new heights.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to transforming the Saudi market by making OOH advertisement an essential part of the media mix. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, innovative research tools, and seasoned market expertise, we aim to build valuable relationships with our clients as a priority, ensuring their satisfaction and always exceeding their expectations.

Our Vision

Wave Media’s vision is to be at the forefront of the OOH industry in the MENA region by offering cutting-edge solutions that allow our clients to effortlessly extend their reach and impact over a range of different target audiences, all brought under one umbrella.

Our Values

At Wave Media, our existence, identity and operations revolve around the unshakeable values of:

Trust: We create authentic, transparent, and lasting relationships with our partners.

Credibility: We fulfil our all promises and obligations to our clients, supported and substantiated by facts and figures.

Innovation: As a company, we are powered by top-class R&D, the latest tech solutions, and our constant drive to think out of the box.

People: One of the key drivers of our success is the value and regard we have for our employees and their talent.

Quality: We endeavour to give our partners and target audiences products and services of the highest quality, at all times.

Brand Associations

Here are the advantages you gain when you and your brands partner with Wave Media.


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