Sunsilk Case Study

The Problem: The purpose of this campaign was to increase consumer awareness about the innovative products that Sunsilk offered. Our aim was to drive up Sunsilk’s brand recall beyond its competitors for in-mall customers, creating an impact towards greater brand equity.

The Challenge: Since the population of visitors at malls is so large and diverse, it was important develop a strategy that would appeal to the maximum number of people. The campaign had to be targeted for women, allowing its success to translate into greater brand recall.

The Insight: We understood that our research should take into account different categories of in-mall consumer behaviour based not only on location but also on whether they were Saudi nationals, Arab expats or Asian expats. We also accounted for age distinctions, marital status, as well as whether household purchasing decisions were made individually or collectively.

The Solution: We implemented the campaign in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, using 900 SDM faces across 25 high-traffic malls in these cities. The campaign operated for a month (from 2nd February to 1st March, 2019), and Wave Media conducted pre- and-post campaign analyses in collaboration with Millward Brown. Our advertisement distribution was nearly equal on weekdays as well as weekends, and Riyadh became the major planning focus.

The Results: The campaign was a remarkable success, with all key indicators showing an improvement. There was a 72% growth in communication awareness, and a 10% increase in the trial and total aided recall. The in-mall advertisements had the highest contribution in Riyadh and the in-mall unique reach was seen the most among millennials. The unique incremental reach contribution to communication awareness was higher than that of social media and internet ads combined. In other words, Wave Media’s in-mall campaign methods proved to be exceptionally effective at creating a brand impact.